We will help you with the entire process of buying or selling a
property – from start to finish

Steps to BUY

1. Financing

Before you start looking for a property  you should review your budget and decide on how you plan to finance your property purchase.

Read more HERE.

2. What and where are you looking?

To narrow your search, it’s better to decide early if you are looking for a 2- bedroom apartment or a large villa with a private swimming pool. Choose your areas. Click HERE to read about the different areas.

3. Tell Alice

When you know what you are looking for and how much you are prepared to spend, it’s time for you to let Alice know.

4. Finding properties

You can search for listed properties yourself, but most properties in Spain can be sold by any real estate agent. It is therefore important to find a personal real estate agency who can help you with your search of the market. Alice is that real estate agency.

5. Visit propierties

When you & Alice have found a couple of interesting properties it’s time to book your trip to Spain. Alice Real Estate will contact all property owners and arrange a viewing schedule to suit your needs. It’s very important that Alice makes this initial request.

6. Make an offer

When you and Alice have found your dream property it’s time for Alice to contact the owner and make an initial offer on your behalf.

7. Reservation

If the offer is accepted, you can reserve the property until you have decided on your mortgage provider and given your lawyer enough time to legally investigate the property. Reservation fee is between 3-6000€ (depending on the price of the property) to make sure the property is removed from the market.

You can also sign the purchase agreement straight away and pay the 10% deposit to seal the deal.

8. Legal representation

It is strongly recommended that you choose an independent lawyer who is specialised in Spanish land law. If you intend to leave Spain before the purchase is completed, we recommend you to sign a power of attorney. This will enable your lawyer to complete the transaction on your behalf. The lawyer will also help you acquire your NIE number and to open a Spanish bank account. Click HERE for a legal lexicon.

9. Completion

The purchase will be completed in front of the Notarius Publicus. Your representative from Alice will be there as well as your lawyer. When the signing is finalized you will be the new legal owner of the property. Congratulations!

10. After sale

When you are the legal owner of the property there are a few more things to think about. Your lawyer will help you with the initial setup of things like paying purchase tax, getting home insurance, transferring the existing service contracts of electricity, IBI (town hall´s yearly property tax), and water.

Read more HERE.

11. Congratulations!

Now it’s finally time to relax and start your new Spanish adventure!

Steps to SELL

1. Contact Alice

The first thing you should do is to contact us (call us, use WhatsApp, sms or send us an email). Let us know that you are interested in listing your property on the market. We will then contact you and you tell you more about Alice and what we have to offer.

2. Visit and valuation

Alice will visit you in your home and we can further discuss your goals and decide on a timeline that suits you. At this meeting we will give you a free initial valuation and we will discuss more about how we can present your property on the market.

3. Choosing Alice to sell your propety

This can be done in two ways. Alice can represent through either an exclusive or non-exclusive contract. Ask Alice for the benefits of having an exclusive contract.

4. Gather information

To start marketing your property we need copies of a few document. A complete list of these documents you can find HERE.

5. Photography

We at Alice always use a professional photographer to make sure your property can attract as many potential buyers as possible. This service is free of charge.

6. Floor plans

We believe it is important to have floor plans included in your marketing. It will help potential buyers to visualize the property. Alice will create a floor plan either by using the existing one or we will create a completely new floor plan. This service is free of charge.

7. Marketing your property

Alice will market your property through the following channels:  Our own website, Facebook account, Instagram, Idealista and other social media. This will result in maximum publicity for just your property.

8. Viewings

Alice will contact you to bring potential buyers to view your property. Alice will answer all the questions they might have and make sure your property is viewed in the best possible way. We will provide you with feedback after every viewing.

9. Managing offers

When an offer is received, Alice will make sure that this offer is reasonable and as high as possible.

10. Completion of sale

Alice will provide a contract and assist both parties on how to proceed further. The completion of sale is then finalized at the Notarius Publicus. Read more HERE.

11. Enhorabuena! Congratulations!

Grattis! Поздравляем!